Natural Way T'ai Chi School

Alan Peck demonstrates single whip in the Natural Way Tai Chi style

Dear Students and Guests

The spirit of Alan's Natural Way T'ai Chi is still very much alive. We continue to practice with an open heart, rejoicing in the creation of an inclusive community committed to the true beauty of this precious lineage.

The style of t'ai chi originates from Cheng Man Ching and his student Dr. Chi Chiang Tao. It emphasises a natural approach that connects with the simple reality of how things are.

The school was founded by Alan Peck, who had thirty years experience studying t'ai chi, chi kung and tibetan meditation. Alan also practised acupuncture and integrated knowledge of ch'i and the chinese philosophy of living into the teachings of t'ai chi.

Our lives are short and t'ai chi can ensure a healthy and meaningful connection with this profound journey.

How wonderful is T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Whose movements follow nature

Li I Yu

Natural Way T'ai Chi logo - the yin yang symbol

Natural Way T'ai Chi School