Natural Way T'ai Chi School

Order of Study

The first seven levels

The order of development within the first stage moves through the following levels :

While there is a sense in which all of these levels are developed in a linear way it is also true that whilst practising to master a particular level there are many glimpses and insight into the higher levels. Generally it is said that when one level has been mastered all the previous levels are instinctively manifest. In other words if you have achieved mastery of Mind levels then all of the previous levels of Ch'i, Energy, and Correct technique, are no longer consciously applied. They are all established as habits and require no effort to manifest.

Beyond force against force

To avoid using force against force the first quality that one tries to cultivate is relaxation. It is possible to use force against force both in the context of the forces within one's own body and in relation to the forces presented to oneself by an adversary. It is not really true to say that one is doing t'ai chi at all if one still uses force against force. Therefore it is the most important principle.

Correct Technique

Most of the study at the school in Bristol is aimed at studying and mastering correct technique. Yet all of the following levels are studied and many students are able to manifest understandings which touch on those levels.

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