Natural Way T'ai Chi School

T'ai Chi Syllabus at the School

The syllabus is extensive and covers all aspects of T'ai Chi. Although it is not necessary to master every type of practice in order to benefit from T'ai Chi, a broad experience leads to a clear understanding of the principles.

The beginners' course is intended to introduce the basics of T'ai Chi through a series of preparation exercises and the T'ai Chi short form. Relaxation and softness are an essential part of the method. Mental attitude and physical alignment of the postures are integrated in the T'ai Chi techniques of co-ordinated movement. The philosophy of T'ai Chi is explained with practical examples taken from the practice. Exercises are also taught to develop sensitivity and a feeling for Ch'i.

The course is divided into successive ten-week blocks until the short form has been completed. To learn the whole of the short form takes approximately fifty lessons. There are holiday breaks three times in the year : at Easter, Summer and Christmas.

The Internal Form

After completing the short form you may then progress to learn the internal aspects of t'ai chi in more detail. At this time there are also more detailed corrections of the postures. The main emphasis of this course is to apply the techniques of T'ai Chi to harmonise the idea, action and internal feeling of each posture to deepen the experience of practice.

After completing this course it is possible to study more advanced courses :

T'ai Chi Sword Form

The sword form encourages lightness and strength as well as clearly revealing the principles of dynamic movement. It is in itself a beautiful form, graceful and sensitive at times, then quick and vigorous, displaying a lively T'ai Chi spirit. There are also applications for each posture and the partner aspect of swordplay is practised along with the form.

Long Form

The long form is taught at a more advanced level to gain insight and clarity into T'ai Chi principles. It provides the means to use energy in movement. The character of the form is fluid and yet more powerful.

San Sou

The San Sou is a form with two parts which fit together and can be practised with a parter or as a solo form with two sides. It is an enjoyable method of deepening understanding of all T'ai Chi principles and helps with the process of learning to follow a partner's force. With this method sensitivity develops together with a relaxed, light mind and active steps.

The Ch'i Aspect

Special exercises are used to develop and connect with the feeling of ch'i. This can lead to the release of blockages in the body and improve the energy flow throughout the body. These exercises have been derived from Zhixing Wang, Dr. Chi chiang-Tao and Dr. Shen.

Dr Chi Chiang Tao - in another position